The Republic of Mauritius is part of the Mascarene Islands Archipelago. It is an island located in the Indian Ocean about 2000 kilometres off the southeast coast of the African Continent, 900 kilometres east of Madagascar.

The island is like a living postcard, it’s surrounded by a coral reef, with a central plateau, rimmed by mountains and luxurious tropical vegetation, and shows a rare contrast of colours, that makes the location unforgettable.

Rich in History, Mauritius has inherited a cosmopolitan culture; it’s a unique melting pot of people, languages and values, with its legacy of Indian, African, European and Chinese origins.

Well known for its turquoise waters, it’s white sandy beaches and warm climate, Mauritius has proudly established its brand image as one of the world’s top luxury tourist destinations, with its renowned hospitality, high quality services and the development of its prestigious Resorts. (World’s Leading Island Destination Award 2010 & 2011).